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The Tarentaise breed originates in the Savoie region of the French Alps. The breed is known for its milk production, which is used to make Beaufort Cheese, and as an excellent cross for beef production. Climbing in the Alps at altitudes of up to 8000 feet is what makes for the natural muscling and marbling as well as the robust cardiovascular system found in Tarentaise cattle. The first Tarentaise were imported to Canada in 1972. A year later they were introduced to the USA. Today Tarentaise cattle can be found through most of North America.
Tarentaise Can Do "More" on "Less"


  • Early Puberty
  • Good Pelvic Size
  • Strong Maternal Traits
  • Production Efficiency
  • Higher Fertility
  • Female Efficiency
  • Unassisted calving at two years and on schedule at three years
  • Optimum milk production with udder and teat conformation for easy feeding
Best Mom a calf could have!

Heifers represent 15 - 20 % of a cow herd. Early Fertility is critically important so the calving season is not disrupted. Tarentaise females are Highly Fertile at 8 -12 months of age. Early Puberty and High Pregnancy Rates are an inheritable trait of Tarentaise Cattle.



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