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Cross Breeding with Tarentaise

"The ideal choice for hybrid vigor in a
cross - breeding program."



  • Improves Milk Production and Udder and Teat Conformation
  • Improves Yield Grade and Carcass Value in One Generation
  • Moderate Size Cows with Maintenance of High Weaning Weights
Tarentaise are unrelated to domestic cattle, allowing the most to be made of hybrid vigor and calf heterosis in a cross-breeding program. Tarentaise were imported primarily to cross with local breeds and develop highly productive commercial herds of medium size cows. Tarentaise offers genetic diversity which means increased calf survival, higher weaning weights, more milk production, greater cow efficiency and increased longevity.

"The real proof of the quality of our Tarentaise crossbreeding program is the numbers that show in our bank balance at the end of the year" -Jack Pennell, Willow Ranch, British Columbia

"From my years of experience, the Tarentaise influence on my Angus cattle contributes length, muscling and maternal values. It's important for people to realize that fertility and muscling do go hand in hand with Tarentaise." - Tim Neale, Gordonsville, VA

"The Tarentais breed has helped us achieve our goal of a smaller, hardier, very efficient maternal cow that produces a lean, tender, marbled and high yielding carcass." - Les & Marilyn Mitchell, Kitscotty, Alberta

"Our weaning weight is what really keeps us breeding Tarentaise. The Tarentaise crossbred cows are hard to beat. Tarentaise make darn good Momma cows." - Wade & Lori Newton, Hollenquist, Saskatchewan


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