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"Ready to work 365 days a year!"

The Correct Balance of Masculinity, Body Length, Depth, Smoothness, and Growth Rate.

  • Thrifty
  • High Potency
  • Tarentaise Bulls have excellent Fertility - Ready for Service at 12 Months
  • Maintainers of Body and Flesh under Range Conditions
  • Generous scrotal development
Tarentaise Bulls are very masculine, smooth up front, long bodied, and deep with balanced quarters. Their calves come long, not square, and fill out quickly. Bull calves mature early and are ready for service by 12 months of age.

"We have been happy with our Tarentaise bulls. There's lots of power and they've got good fertility and sexual drive. We've bred up to 58 head in a 60 day breeding program with one bull"

Wade Straub; Chamberlain, Saskatchewan


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